Despite slight overlap in lineups, Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival and Sasquatch! Music Festival were created to bring you two different kinds of music experiences.

Since 1999, Coachella has been a dance floor in the desert for hundreds of thousands of people. The sheer size of production and list of big name artists make this festival a sound oasis where you can finally see bands you’ve been listening to for years. For the past 15 years, artists have been using this weekend as a platform for reunion tours and even resurrections.  Just the grand scale of it all has certainly set the standards for fans and challenged other festivals to be bigger and louder.


With the addition of a second weekend AND two mutually exclusive lineups, Sasquatch! has positioned itself to become one of the largest festivals west of the Mississippi.  Since 2001, Sasquatch! was built around the idea of being able to discover up and comers while seeing a few big name artists.  And because of this festivals smaller capacity you get to enjoy all these artists in a slightly more intimate setting (if intimacy is still possible when surrounded by 25,000 other fans). Another thing to note is that Sasquatch!’s expansion is just the beginning of a new trend for other American music festivals, which can only mean great things for music goers and artists alike.

With each festival taking place a few hours outside of two bustling metropolises, these festivals make for some exciting west coast weekend shenanigans.  Only question is, which weekend do you pick?



Graphics by Chris Lee
Words by Kelli Cadavona

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